Fertilization & Weed Control

We work to be sure that your fertilization is done the right way for your properties needs.

The success of our fertilization services comes from customizing our fertilization services based on Soil, climatic conditions, variety of damage and landscape maintenance services being performed on the property to shape and improve the condition of your property.

Palm trees need year-round attention. In fact, winter palm tree treatments are important to ensuring a healthy growing season. The trained and knowledgeable landscape experts at sunlight Landscape are thorough in their palm tree care service. Meticulous pruning, fertilization and winterization techniques all contribute to the vibrancy of your green palms.

We always perform an in depth tree assessment before determining the tree care service you need. Our landscape experts examine your trees for harm (weather, insect, disease, etc.) as well as nutrition and soil deficiencies and make fertilization solutions based on your needs.